Yuval Sapir

Head of Product, Sling Ltd

Yuval Sapir, Head of Product Manager at Sling Ltd., brings an array of experience from the Israeli Intelligence Unit 8200, grounding her in cybersecurity. She served as Intelligence Support Lead at Cyberint and a Darknet Cyber Intelligence Analyst at KELA Ltd. Her global impact includes pivotal contributions to establishing Sling’s office in Japan. Yuval is excelling as a dynamic Product Manager at Sling headquarters with her diverse background and strategic skill set. Ergoman SA is the business partner for KELA Ltd for Greece & Cyprus.

Brief:  Experienced leader in product development, localization, and marketing. Was part of Sling’s team leading a startup to significant milestones by overseeing product execution and prospect engagement. Previously managed Threat Intelligence operations with global customers. Skilled in aligning customer needs with company capabilities. Past positions include Product Manager and Threat Intelligence Analyst & Team lead both in Japan and Israel.