Dr. Konstantinos Kleovoulou, ΜΒΑ

Assistant Vice President of Innovation and Development, The Cyprus Institute (CyI)

Dr. Kleovoulou leads the Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Knowledge Valorization, and Strategic Development activities at the Cyprus Institute. With an academic foundation in physics and an MBA from University College London, he specializes in Research, Technology, and Innovation management. His expertise includes strategic planning, knowledge transfer, startup incubation and fostering academia-industry partnerships.

Before joining CyI, he worked as a research fellow at MIT and at the Cyprus University of Technology. He has notable teaching and publishing experience and extensive experience in securing and managing research and innovation projects through competitive funding, mainly from EU and National Funding agencies.

Konstantinos co-founded ReflectX, a regional startup competition, and holds board positions in various startups. An active contributor to Policy Making and Innovation for Green and Digital Transition, Dr. Kleovoulou serves on the Board of Directors of the Cyprus Ports Authority and on the Coordination team of Limassol 2030, which orchestrates Limassol City’s plan for climate neutrality by 2030 as part of the EU 100 Climate Neutral and Smart Cities Mission.

Previously, he served as a member of the Parallel Parliament for Research, Innovation, and Digital Governance of the Republic of Cyprus and as a member of the Task Force for Green Economy and Innovation in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East Climate Change Initiative of the Republic of Cyprus.